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Reach Your Production Goals with Our CNC Milling and Lathing Capabilities

Our CNC milling and lathing services are designed to reduce lead times for machined tooling. With more than 50 years of experience and a skilled team, we’re your trusted partner for accurate and reliable tooling. Learn more about our operations below or schedule a meeting with one of our helpful team members for more information.

Benefits of CNC Milling and Lathing

Little to No Waste

CNC machines can make accurate and efficient cuts, reducing the amount of waste.

Great Accuracy

Because CNC machines operate autonomously, they eliminate the risk of human error and defective tooling.

Fast Lead Times

CNC machines can operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, significantly reducing lead times for your machined tooling.

Pivot Precision’s CNC Milling and Lathing Equipment

Our CNC milling and lathing machinery ensures your project is completed quickly and efficiently. Our shop has the following equipment:


  • One Hurco VM24 CNC mill with fourth axis
  • Two Hurco VM 10i CNC mills with fourth axis
  • Three Bridgeport vertical mills with digital readout


  • Four Hyundai 200 E CNC lathes for hard turning. This lathe provides great finishes and tolerances at .0002 and up.
  • Two Hardinge secondary ops lathes
  • Two Harrison M390 engine lathes
  • Two Doosan Lynx 2100 hard turn with Renishaw probe
  • One Miyano BNJ51 SY6-MH with Renishaw probe

Work with Pivot Precision for Your CNC Milling and Lathing Needs

With more than 50 years of experience, our ISO-certified shop is dedicated to providing the highest quality tooling to your operation. Our skilled employees are dedicated to meeting challenging specifications, delivering the highest quality products, and maintaining customer satisfaction standards. We provide highly specified precision tooling to various industries, including the ammunition, firearm, automotive, and medical sectors. We can comply with Mil-Spec, medical, and automotive standards as required.

We’ve built extensive manufacturing capabilities which reduce lead times on high complexity tooling with demanding specifications. Our location near Niagara Falls, New York, also positions us near airports and interstates, allowing for quick delivery on international or domestic shipments.

Contact us for more information about our CNC milling and lathing services or request a quote here.

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